Loft No4

The details reveal our desire to give you a special experience.
Take, for instance, the real wood flooring, the extra-spacious rain showers,
the private spa and the 27 m² panoramic terrace.
You too can experience this PASSION in our Loft No4.

  • Grundriss Loft No4 _ Passion

Amenities included

* We can provide Nespresso coffee capsules on request E 5.00 / 10 pieces
** Towels will be replaced every other day
*** Bed sheets will be changed: 1 x per 8 day stay, 2 x per 12 day stay
**** General cleaning 1 x per 10 day stay. We offer daily cleanings for an additional fee.

Available on request for additional fee

One time additional cleaning: E 50.00
One time additional change of linens and towels: E 45.00
Daily towel replacement: E 20.00