Green journey

Travel to KaiserMoments
in an environmentally friendly way by train.
Bonus included.

Did you know that a kilometer traveled by car is 15 times more harmful to the climate than the same distance by train? Because we care about the environment, our wonderful nature and the CO2 footprint, we reward every guest who travels by train with an attractive bonus.

Your advantages

  • Free transfer to us at KaiserMoments and back to the train station
  • Rental e-bike for one day (maximum 10% of the total price)
  • Free mobility on site and throughout Tyrol

This is how it works

  • Book vacation in a period between May 1 to November 15, 2022
  • Find the best train connection and book tickets for your green journey
  • Take advantage of free mobility advice
  • Book station shuttle online
  • The free shuttle the KaiserMoments is organized by the Tourist Board
  • Enjoy free on-site mobility and vacation with us

Environmentally friendly on the road